Nigerian Woman Gives Actor Van Vicker The Slap Of His Life

Van Vicker

Van Vicker is currently in a coded location working on a movie with his colleagues.

In an earlier post in order to show updates of the movie that he is currently working on, Van Vicker and Nollywood actress Chioma Nwaoha were caught in an argument with Van Vicker pinning her to the wall as she wailed and begged for him to let go.

The tide has changed this time around as Chioma Nwaoha has also given Van Vicker the slap of probably his life on a movie set.

This is how the Ghanaian actor described all that happened in the slap scene.

“That slap was thunderous. I asked @chioma_nwaoha to slap me for real with all the rage burning inside to help us get the required effect.

Now, where are those who wish to act because of the kssing scenes?

Where are those who said I was enjoying the ksses?

Where are those who said I shouldn’t get paid cos of enjoyment?

If you can welcome the ksses, you should take the slaps as well.

This is acting; we depict life, and life inevitably has ups and downs.”

See the epic slap below.