Obaapa Christy Calls Out Individuals Who Misrepresent Their Destinies

Obaapa Christy
Obaapa Christy
  • Obaapa Christy makes a clarion call on all individuals- Christians especially

  • The musician schools them on what it entails when it comes to their destinies.

It is a great thing to identify, find and walk in one’s destiny according to their Maker.

Often times a lot of folks have this self-confidence that they did it all by themselves.

Gospel musician Obaapa Christy thinks otherwise. She advised all and sundry who are serving in the Lord’s Garden to picture themselves as being favoured and nothing that comes with their serving in the Kingdom of God arises from their abilities.

Your destiny in the Kingdom of God is not determined by your ability or by your intellect. it’s determined by God’s favor. Ach sooooo

With the controversies that have become known lately of Christiandom, Obaapa Christy’s advice will be helpful to those who heed it.