Obaapa Christy Proves Boldly That She Is The Prettiest Female Gospel Musician In The Country Today

Obaapa Christy

  • Obaapa Christy bombards social media with photos of herself looking all youthful and beautiful

  • Her photos are a testament to how good it is to work in the Lord’s vineyard.

Don’t get Obaapa Christy mistaken for a Hollywood movie star by way of her impressive looks.

The gospel musician has come very far in her career and all the issues that she faced years ago.

From having a bitter divorce from her former husband Pastor Love, to which of the parents was to take custody of their children after the separation.

Obaapa Christy has ridden over all these storms by the grace of God and has gotten remarried to one Germany-based businessman.

Her enchanting smile and praises in her songs will lift you up if you are also in your moment of a challenge as she is a walking testimony of the goodness of God.

The latest photos of Obaapa Christy show she is beautiful, a good mother, and happily serving her Maker.

Here are photos of her testifying that all is well with her.

Obaapa Christy
Obaapa Christy
Obaapa Christy

Obaapa Christy


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