“Only God Knows The Real Source Of Your Husband’s Money”- See What Fella Makafui Said To Deserve This Question

Fella Makafui

From her humble beginning in acting as an actress in the popular TV series, “Yolo” to her current state of stardom, Fella Makafui has gotten people questioning the sudden riches of herself and her husband- Medikal.

In a short tweet found on her Instagram handle, Fella Makafui wrote in the pidgin language that until your friends mention you have used juju to gain your wealth then God is yet to bless you as an individual.

Her tweet, “If your friends no talk say you do Juju ,God never bless you yet !”

This got the person questioning her about the sudden source of wealth that has visited her and the husband- Medikal out from the nothingness that they were a few years ago known to be conditioned in.

Fella Makafui and Medikal
Fella Makafui and Medikal

Only God knows the real source of your husbee en money we ain’t gonna say juju and we ain’t gonna say blessings until we do due diligence to what make u and mdk thick