Millionaire Osei Kwame Despite’s Wife Awurama Shows They Are Indeed Rich

The wife to the richest business man in Ghana, Osei Kwame Despite, Awurama had a low key birthday celebration.

Awurama’s birthday was celebrated on 2nd November 2021. Despite having a celebration with only family and friends only on this special day she has continued to go viral online

Osei Kwame Despite’s awesome looking wife has wowed people on social media with her good looks. She has been seen in impressive looks after her birthday. Birds of a feather flock together so is Awurama who is a business woman like her husband.

There is little information about what she does for work but it’s quite obvious she is as successful as her husband.

Recently ‘bipolar’ suffering comic actor, Funny Face used unprintable words on him on social media.

Kennedy Osei who is the eldest son of Osei Kwame Despite also had birthday celebration recently with his family. Fadda D!ckson who is mentoring him to be next in line in managing his father’s companies had some kind words for him too.

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