“People Even Own Jet, And They Don’t Talk”- Tracey Boakye’s Iphone13 Display Breaks The Internet

Tracey Boakye kisses her iphone 13
Tracey Boakye
  • Tracey Boakye’s iPhone 13 Instagram video breaks the internet.

The latest technology released by Apple Company, the iPhone 13 this year has brought smiles to the lips of their loyalists including businesswoman and actress, Tracey Boakye aka East Legon Lady.

The iPhone 13 was released just 4 days ago and the first celebrity in Ghana to lay their hands on this device is Tracey Boakye. In a current video sighted of her online, she is caught happily unboxing her newly acquired prized possession to the full glare of thousands of followers.

This video which has been copied by ZionFelix on his Instagram page has gotten Ghanaians concerned about the state of mind of some of our celebrities. Some believe a common iPhone 13 is nothing for Tracey Boakye to post on social media and brag about. Others also believed she can do whatever she wants to do.

Here are the interesting reactions this iPhone 13 video caused.

Villagers. People even own jet, and they don’t talk

This is sad 😢 😢 it happens only in Ghana

S.lay q..ueens 👸 achievement..sad country

The way Ghana celebs dey celebrate iPhone is embarrassing papa😂😂😂 ah.

So Zion what are you trying to communicate to the youth,Who are following you🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. Posting someone’s thing without telling the youth how he or she got mu,So we should do what with it. Should we make her the president for this country or 🙄🙄🙄🙄Gh paaaaaaaa nie ah well