Please Forgive Me For This Woman – Afia Schwarzenneger Mentions Her Regrets In Campaigning For Sarah Adwoa Safo

Afia Schwarzenneger and Sarah Adwoa Safo

Afia Schwarzenneger who is infamous for poking her nose into people’s issues at the slightest chance has waded into the rift between NPP Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya, Sarah Adwoa Safo, and her party.

Afia Schwarzenneger mentioned her regrets from canvassing for votes for Sarah Adwoa Safo who is under contention with her party for abandoning proceedings in parliament.

She went on to reveal that she had high stakes in Sarah Adwoa Safo‘s parliamentary win in quests like leaving her sick father and children to campaign for her.

She wrote,

” To think that I abandoned my sick father n my children to campaign for this woman in Dome is appalling…
I apologise to the people of Dome Kwabenya…Pls forgive me.we will do better next time!!!!
Ghana hasn’t been given to anyone as ” Work and Pay” ..we the people of Dome Kwabenya deserves better…let there be a by-election for the vacant seat. Oh yes I said it …the constitution makes it clear Good morning Ghana”

Sarah Adwoa Safo

Social media reactions include
Adwoa never begged them to get her a private jet to Ghana. They wanted her here to vote for their E-Levy and she isn’t ready to. The people of Dome should be proud of her that she isn’t being a political stooge

Those saying she’s not going to parliament bcos she’s not in support of the e-levy are missing the whole point She should just go and vote against it erh ! She was voted to represent her pple in parliament so if she think she cant go again due to medical or personal issue then she should step down peacefully and keep her dignity! Ahba! U pple should stop defending her cos she’s der on npp’s ticket

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