“Satan Rejoiced”- Rev Agyin Asare Reveals What He Saw In A Horrible Dream

Francis Agyin Asare
  • Reverend Francis Agyin Asare takes to social media to reveal what he saw in a dream

  • This dream gets his followers sitting on tenterhooks with its serious dimension.

Reverend Francis Agyin Asare of Perez Chapel International who doubles up as the son of the founder of the church, Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare has revealed what he saw in a dream he had last night.

Reverend Francis Agyin Asare who often shares his dream online said this is what he saw when he laid down to sleep.

“In another horrible dream, there was sudden darkness in major cities all around Africa—in people’s homes, offices, hospitals, on the streets, and even at traffic lights.

Little children cried in the heat, business owners were killed by generator costs, patients died in dark hospital wards, and Satan rejoiced.

Then a voice said, “Why do you suffer silently in the darkness? When God said, ‘Let there be light’, His voice was heard and there was light. Fear not. Speak, and you will also get light”.
Thank God, it was nothing but a dream”

The young man of God is blazing the trail of his father Charles Agyin Asare in Christendom