‘Scared’ Yaw Dabo Refused To Quit Riding His Quad Bike In Dubai

Yaw Dabo

Yaw Dabo has displayed his bravery despite being blessed with a small body size by riding on a big quad bike in the beautiful sands of Dubai.

Adventures are unending for Yaw Dabo as he enjoys his epic holidays in the United Arab Emirates. The actor rode a quad bike with his friends. Taking all caution he could muster not to get thrown off the quad bike, Yaw Dabo moved it gingerly on the desert.

Yaw Dabo

The slow pace or over carefulness at which Yaw Dabo moved got one of his friends pleading with him not to be scared because it was safe on the bike.

Here is Yaw Dabo on his quad bike in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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This is just a desert, very dry, you struggle to breathe. But for good leadership and efficient use of resources, we travel there to pay and watch or bike through a dry land full of sand

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