See What Jackie Appiah Told Lydia Forson On Her Special Day

Jackie Appiah and Lydia Forson

Having been friends for a long time one would think the love and respect that exists between Jackie Appiah and Lydia Forson will wane as time goes on.

This is not the case as on Lydia Forson’s special day, Jackie Appiah has taken time off her busy social media accounts to wish her a happy birthday.

She shared a cute photo of her colleague in the movie industry, Lydia Forson and added this message,

“On this wonderful day, I wish you both the best that life has to offer! Happy birthday @lydiaforson”

Lydia Forson also had well-wishing messages from many people in the movie industry including Zionfelix.She was spotted with Zionfelix in a short video where the celebrity vlogger was spotted sizing Lydia Forson up and down.

From all intents the way he looked at her there might be something that coursed through his mind that is best known to him lol.