Special Secrets About The Ewes You Must Know Today

The Ewe People by Jakob Spieth in 1906

The Ewes can be found all over Ghana but they are mainly located in the Volta Region. The Ewes go beyond Ghana they are also found in neighboring countries like Togo and Benin.

Despite being the biggest tribe in the Volta Region of Ghana, they are not the only exclusive tribe that can be found in the Volta Region. For the purpose of this title we will delve right into the subject matter. This article is a summary of a book written by a German missionary in 1906 who goes by the name Jakob Spieth in his research.

Firstly, the Ewes are known to be mentally alert but find it difficult to make money sometimes. They are hard-working but they are still not at their finances.

Secondly, most Ewe men are loving. This loving nature is borne out of the back of their traditional beliefs and customs. Their loving nature has prevented most of them from polygamy which the other tribes love to bits.

Thirdly, They are very smart than you can imagine. This intelligence comes from their former leaders.

Fourthly, their ladies are often beautiful.