“Stop Complaining About Fuel Prices, Who Told You To Buy Cars” – Don Little Shows What People Should Buy Instead

Don Little

Don Little shades owners of vehicles in the country for them to keep quiet over rising fuel prices.

He adds no one forced them to buy these cars and they could have done better if they bought something other than a vehicle.

Don Little has taken to his Instagram page to counsel people who own cars in the country. Prices of petroleum products have increased consistently throughout this year. The increase in fuel prices has generated a lot of public anger over the inability of our leaders to arrest this trend one time.

The prices of petroleum products are predicted to even rise higher as time goes on and owners of vehicles are sitting on tenterhooks day in and day out.

Don Little believes people who own cars should keep quiet because no one sent them on a car purchase journey and that they saw bicycles, aboboyaa, etc. but they bypassed these and went on to buy cars.

See the video below of Don Little