Strange: If You Have 3 Lines On Your Palm Instead Of 4 Here Is The Meaning

Palm Hand
Palm Hand

The ancient folks developed a system of predicting the future of individuals using physical marks or other features on them.

One of such arts of foretelling what might happen to a person by taking a deeper dive into features on their bodies is palmistry. This involves taking notice of the individual lines in a person’s palm, be it a male or female.

Africans and Asians were neck-deep in this practice which is believed to be superstitious. This practice is not being given the nod like in previous times because of the gains made by Christians in the modern-day. This post by disclaimer is for educational purposes only.

Let’s get to understand what it means to have 3 lines in your hand compared with the unusual four that almost every person has nowadays, and if there is some truth to palmistry.

Palm Hand
Palm Hand

The first line at the top shows the heart. This is the heart line that is believed to tell how loving an individual would be. Where this first line is faint or broken, it tells of a person who falls in love given the slightest chance or easily.

The line in the middle is said to be the wisdom or headline that depicts the intelligence level of a person.

The final or third line is believed to show one’s health status and how one is able to fight against sicknesses.

In summary, if you have three lines then you are intelligent, kindhearted, and hardly get sick. Someone might have the three lines and top it up with a rare fourth line. Such a fourth line in the palm makes such people very extraordinary.


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