The 5 Best Used Cars That You Can Buy Any Where in The World

I am here to talk about the five used cars you should buy. I have heard lots of people talk about what’s good and what’s bad on the internet. But really, if you want to learn about what used cars to buy, ask a car enthusiast like me. Just out of curiosity I googled to shed some light on what people are looking for in best-used cars they can buy. But, some of the advice you see there, stay away from them.

 I couldn’t believe three of the top five being Chrysler products. Every mechanic knows they are some of the worst made vehicles out there. You don’t want to listen to people’s advice who don’t know what they are talking about. So, don’t listen to used car advice from someone who only says they work on Hyundai. He is going to tell you to buy a Hyundai.

 I don’t care what people drive, but if they want a good car. I’ll give them advice, and here’s my advice on the five used cars they can buy. This is in descending order, which means from the least to the best. Let’s dig in.

  5. 2012 Honda Accord

 I know some of you will say Honda Accords have a weak automatic transmission, and that is true. The 2005 to 2010 Honda Accords had weak automatic transmission had to be recalled, because of a design flaw. But not the 2012 Accord. My friend got 2012 one and he loves the car.

  The 4-cylinder engine ones seem to last absolute longer. Some guys want the V-6 engine because they want more power and stuff. The ones with the 4-cylinder engines have plenty of power and get quite a bit better fuel mileage. A lot of family guys love this car because it is a zippy-sporty car.

  Another thing about buying a used car is that, don’t go for the cheapest price, because a lot of reasons cars are cheap is because they are not very good cars.

  4. 2012 Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

 Used 2012 Ford Fusion are often seen as an inexpensive family saloon car. One of the reasons is that those cars were made when Volvo and Ford were having a merger. I was never really a fan of the Ford Taurus myself. But when I first drove the Fusion, I was impressed. It proved to be a very reliable car.

 They didn’t have the transmission problems that a lot of the Taurus had. The 2012 Ford Fusion is a really solidly built car. You might get a good price for a used Fusion.

  3. 2013 Honda Civic


Honda Civic

 Those things were reliable, solid little cars. The Honda Civic you would think came from a different planet. A lot of young people like Civics because they are zippy, and at the same time they’re very dependable for transportation.

  I know many middle-aged and older people that bought Civics, and they loved them because they always say, it always starts. It never breaks down and hardly uses any fuel. They also hold their value. If you want to buy a used car, and save a lot of money, then the Civic is a great pick.

  You are going to pay more for it than a used Chrysler or used GM smaller car, but it’s going to outlast them. Sometimes, two, three, four times as long with probably 20% of the repair bills that you are going to spend on those cars. They are well-made.

  2. 2012 Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

 Corollas can run virtually forever if you take care of them. These Toyota cars are really strongly designed. Toyota company used the Corolla design to design lots of their cars. The 2007 Toyota Matrix, for example, is really a Toyota Corolla. Corollas never leave you stranded.

  One big advantage of buying a car like a 2012 Toyota Corolla is that they made tons of them, they sold tons of them, so there are always going to be a reasonable amount of them out there for sale. There are Corollas all over the place, in all kinds of different shapes. Because they made so many of them, there is an insane aftermarket for these cars. If you are looking for a cheap used car for getting around, get a used Corolla.

 1. 2011 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

 Number one on the list is a 2011 Toyota Camry which is no surprise to most people. Some of you also say what a boring pick. Well yeah! that’s exactly why I think it is a good used car to buy. It is not going to break. It’s going to start every time and they are still fun to drive.

  Buy the 4 cylinders one, they have plenty enough horsepower to get you around. You can pay a reasonable price for one of these cars, they hold their value because there are so well-made. It is easy to fill a family in a Camry because they have tons of room inside. Learn from other people’s mistakes. If you don’t want to make the mistakes yourself.

  Make sure you get a decent used car, because there is that old saying,” If you buy a used car, you are buying someone else’s problems.” But if you buy any of these cars on the list, if it was well taken off, then you are not going to buy anyone’s problems.

  Finally, if you are going to buy a used car, have a mechanic check it out before you buy it because you can’t trust anyone when it comes to buying used anything. Cars could be wrecked, flooded, stolen, started on fire. Etc. There are all kinds of things that can happen to cars. Within an hour a good mechanic should be able to tell you whether the used car that you want to buy is in good condition or stay away from buying it.