The Greatest Idea Ever On How To Stop Procrastinating

Your first consideration as you see this post will be, “I will read this when I have time”. It will take a few minutes of your time. The fact is, this will help save many hours of your time in future.

This is unbelievably easy, but like anything else, it takes a little practice.

Try it now:

Identify the most important task you have to do today.

Make sure to do just the first little part of it — just the first minute. Getting started is what matters for now.

Clear away disturbances. Ideally, turn everything off. Close all distracting things. There should just be you, and your task ahead.
Focus on getting started. Not getting everything done for now but, just starting something.

Consider what is going on in your mind, as it begins to switch to another duty. You will have desires to go on Facebook or Twitter or your favourite app on your phone. You will want to call or do another task. Take note of all these desires.

But don’t move. Notice the desires, but sit still, and let them go. Desires build-up, then pass, like a wave.

You will realise your mind trying to justify not doing the task. Let these thoughts also pass.

Now just take one moment to get started. Begin and the rest will flow.

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