The Transformation Of Emelia Brobbey From Top Actress To ‘Pure Water Seller’

Emelia Brobbey
  • Kumawood’s Emelia Brobbey shows how hard-working she is by joining the sachet water business.

  • The actress hits town in order to market a truck full load of the water.

It is easy to admit that the advance made by social media, TikTok especially, has posed a greater risk to the making of movies in Kumawood recently.

This means you don’t be a professional actor to make short videos only if you have the talent.

One can just stay in the comfort of their homes and act with their phones. This has been a problem for the movie industry in Ghana admittedly.

Smart actors like Emelia Brobbey are branching off into other ventures in order to salvage the little that is left of the downhill fall of the movie industry.

Emelia Brobbey has been spotted in town marketing her brand new EB Sachet Water. The EB is an acronym for her name ‘Emelia Brobbey’.

It appears the sachet water business is a good business to try

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