The Truth About Piesie Esther’s Graduation Which Went Bizarre That She Is Now Talking About

Piesie Esther

  • Gospel musician, Piesie Esther recounts her humble beginning to her current state as a music star

  • Piesie Esther shares an old photo of herself, her teacher, and former classmates.

God indeed blesses small beginnings with His hand in them according to Piesie Esther.

A photo slide of an old photo of Piesie Esther has seen her taken back to the memory lane.

The musician whose parents at that time didn’t have the means to afford a better graduation attire resorted to wearing her school uniform to the ceremony, unlike her colleagues.

Piesie Esther

In Piesie Esther’s own words…

“Years ago, this was me in my uniform on our graduation day. Our teacher had told us to come to school dressed up so we take pictures together for memory’s sake. We took so many pictures but this particular picture was with all his female students …

Unfortunately for me, it’s not because the information didn’t reach me on time. But truthfully, there was no better outfit for me to wear to the graduation. I had no other choice but to show up in my school uniform as always!

Indeed God has done well #WayeMeYie”

Piesie Esther has a latest song that made waves on social media video-sharing platform YouTube. 


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