This Is How Emmanuel Adebayor Reacted After Funny Face Attacked Him And Fadda Dickson

Fadda Dickson Funny Face Emmanuel Adebayor

Togolese football star Emmanuel Adebayor has spoken finally after his ‘bipolar’ friend Funny Face had some unprintable words for him.

Funny Face who is allegedly suffering from ‘bipolar’ turned the heat on, one more time on Bola Ray, Fadda Dickson, and Emmanuel Adebayor.

Despite the fact that Funny Face did his best to stay off using unprintable words on Emmanuel Adebayor he couldn’t miss using the ‘F’ word on him.

He said so because he believed when he needed Emmanuel Adebayor the most when his depression set in he rather unfollowed him on his social media handles.

Funny Face mentioned friends are forever, through thick or thin but for Emmanuel Adebayor to have ditched him in his dire moments spoke so much of someone who has betrayed.

Adebayor who has gifted Funny Face cars and unspecified wads of cash in the past has turned his face the other way as if he has not heard of the attacks on his personality by his friend Funny Face.

Adebayor posted this on social media after Funny Face’s rants.

Don’t tell anyone what you are
doing until it’s done. Outside
energy can throw off goals.
That’s law

Emmanuel Adebayor