This Confirms Kyeiwaa Has ‘Quit’ Acting For Good

Rose Akua Atta Mensah aka Kyeiwaa
  • Kyeiwaa has been spotted busily working in her sister’s restaurant in the United States of America

  • She entertains some of the customers who visited the restaurant where she works.

A lot of folks grew up to love the acting prowess of veteran actress madam Rose Akua Atta Mensah aka Kyeiwaa.

Her talent and hard work when it came to being on the Kumawood movie screen cannot be swept under the carpet.

Reports had it that after having traveled to the United States of America and later getting married to one United States of America-based Ghanaian man, Kyeiwaa has hung her boots in acting.

She came out to debunk such assertions and went on to add that those who mocked her for quitting the Kumawood movie industry for restaurant work in the USA don’t know what they were talking about.

Kyeiwaa went on to ridicule such individuals by saying she makes more money by working and preparing banku in a restaurant in the United States of America than acting in Kumawood movies in Ghana.

The latest video of Kyeiwaa plying her newly found restaurant trade in the USA shows the actress looking all good and keeping her customers happy.

A lot of social media users were in favor of her newly found occupation with one nurse mentioning had she had a similar opportunity to quit nursing work in Ghana for another job in the USA, she would gladly do so.

See er I’m a nurse in Ghana but if I go and I’m working as a cleaner mpo I’ll be very happy. People fail to realize that the goal is to get money,be successful and happy instead of listening to what people will say. Mtcheeew


Do they even know how much she earn in a month? Ei . No wonder we are still growing in poverty . We feel too much entitled yet nothing to prove ! I wish Iv got this chance mpo 

Ah I don’t even understand what the issue is here smh jealousy ppl the person videoing her doesn’t he or she go there to eat some of the food smh


Watch the video below.