Tracey Boakye Admits She Has Received Warning From Her Friend Diamond Appiah

Tracey Boakye and Diamond Appiah
  • Tracey Boakye reveals finally why she is no more interested in beefing any Ghanaian celebrity on social media or anywhere despite the direct and indirect attacks on her from several quarters

  • She mentions she is being gagged from making such utterances because of a warning she has received from one celebrity.

Tracey Boakye mentions her newly found attitude in a reply to her close friend Diamond Appiah when she sent out pretty photos of her living room in her East Legon mansion on Instagram. The Kumawood actress posted this photo where she wore a tight-fitting cream dress with a heavenly smile.

Tracey Boakye captioned these photos,

“Keeping Quiet has taught me so many positive things in life, and I promise myself to stay mute 🤐 forever. Not everyone will agree with you, but those who love and understand you, will always be there for u. Live a stress free life, and always make God your best friend. Love u all 😘 stay blessed 🙏. #theirmadam #eastlegonlandlady #hisonlychick😍 Dress: @sika.collections Waist snatched: @didiz.shapers Hair and MUA: @make_her_upgh.wigs Pic: @unlimitedstudios Ear rings: @widerange_haven”

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This is what ensued between her and Diamond in the comments on this social media.

diamondappiah_bosslady Looking Beautiful 😍😍😍 is the keeping mute for me
tracey_boakye @diamondappiah_bosslady u said u will block me when I talk. So 🤐🤐🤐

In Tracey Boakye’s own words a big part of not bowing down to pressure to reply to attacks on her personality in some whole come from the warning she has gotten from her good old friend Diamond Appiah.