Tracey Boakye ‘Buys’ $310,000 House In Ridge, Accra

Tracey Boakye
Tracey Boakye

-Tracey Boakye buys new house according to a blogger

-This house is valued at a whopping $310,000

Kumawood actress, Tracey Boakye is annexing houses all over the prime areas of Ghana. In the latest reports seen on social media, the actress is alleged to have acquired her third home a multi-million Ghana Cedis mansion which is situated in Ridge.

From being an East Legon landlady to Ridge landlady to having a business and house in Kumasi Tracey Boakye is living the life her peers dream of in the Kumawood movie industry.

Tracey Boakye celebrates baby's birthday
Tracey Boakye

This new house adds up to her old house in East Legon which it is alleged was bought for her by a business mogul-baby daddy. Other fans are also of the opinion that Tracey Boakye is allegedly living mere fake life by posting photos of her expensive life with no iota of truth in them.

Blogger Aba the Great(aba_the_great2) was the first person to make break this news of Tracey Boakye’s new house.


Aba wrote: ‘Lemme serve y’all with a small gist, I’m sure Tracey Boakye will be like, ah who is this ghost kraaa on my matter 😂😂😂😂 it is what is it… 😎 Tracey Boakye just acquired a house at Ridge for $310,000 registered in Lucile O.B’s name(daughter) … I know the rest of the mafia gangs will be shock at this revelation 🤣🤣🤣 especially landguard 😂😂😂😂 she’s kept u in the dark eeeh, yep! 😎 when u know who your friends are, you thread with caution,’