Tracey Boakye Unhappy With Christiana Awuni For Saying She Was Looking For Boyfriend In Dubai

Christiana Awuni and Tracey Boakye
Christiana Awuni and Tracey Boakye
  • Christiana Awuni enjoys herself on the streets of Dubai

  • She and Tracey Boakye are seen on one clean street of Dubai exchanging heated words.

Actress Christiana Awuni who happens to be in her enjoying elements despite her motherly looks was spotted having a good time on the sand dunes of Dubai with colleague star Tracey Boakye recently.

It happens the two have taken their good times from the desert to the beautiful streets of Dubai. The stars were spotted ‘arguing’ over something.

From the interpretations of the conversations that Christiana Awuni and Tracey Boakye had, Christiana Awuni said she was looking for a boyfriend. Tracey Boakye was unhappy with these comments made by the veteran actress and voiced her heart out.

This appears to be a dress rehearsal for a script in one of their coming movies and shouldn’t be taken seriously that the veteran actress will leave Ghana for a boyfriend in Dubai. They were acting.

Christiana Awuni had this to say about her video, “Nsemfo with Tracy Boakye”

Here are comments that this video of Tracey Boakye and Christiana Awuni gathered.

Mum pls remember to report this disrespect to IGP 😂when u guy’s return

Eeeiii mummy boyfriend?


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