Vivian Jill Lawrence Was Spotted In A Setting That She Has Avoided For Several Years; ‘Abrewa Mafia’

Vivian Jill Lawrence
  • Vivian Jill Lawrence was captured in a movie scene where she acted like an old lady-Abrewa Mafia

  • The actress who has played several roles in different features- wife, mother etc. comes over this time around in a hard to play-act like an older woman.

Most movie makers will attest to the fact that one of the most difficult roles to be given to any actor is for them to act like elderly people when they are actually not.

Often times makeup and masks are used to make these young actors look like elderly people.

Youthful actress Vivian Jill Lawrence has been spotted in a movie scene as an old woman for the first time in a long time.

A role that Vivian Jill Lawrence has avoided for some time now has been performed by her with great talent.

This comes at a time when Vivian Jill Lawrence can be said to have honed her moviemaking skills well and has put in finesse form this time around for her previous bluntness anytime that she acted like an old woman in some of her past movies.

In scenes of her latest work ‘Abrewa Mafia’, Vivian Jill Lawrence acted in this uncomfortable old lady role.