“We Are Better Off For Akua Donkor To Be Our Leader”- John Dramani Mahama’s Gift Doesn’t Move Some Netizens

John Dramani Mahama

Taking some time off of his busy schedule to visit the people of Keta in the Volta Region who have suffered dearly in the recent tidal wave, former president John Dramani Mahama has been praised and criticized for this gesture.

Ex-president John Dramani Mahama gifted the victims of the tidal waves truckloads of gifts worth thousands of Ghana Cedis. This kind gesture was captured by UTV on their social media accounts. One would believe such a gesture to give some relief to the people in Keta will go home well for the former president as a man with a good heart.

It appears some netizens are unfazed by the donation. One had this to say.

akumany7 Is only Ghanians that will buy into this. Ex- President Mahama does not have any alternative for Ghanaians. Assuming when , he comes power in 2024 , he can’t be a president after the 4 yrs . So he’s coming finished us , and Ghana 🇬🇭 you can’t take any leader bia to court . So Ghanians we 4 wise up . We are better off for Akua Donkor to be our leader .

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