“We Need Men Like Tracey Boakye’s Husband”- Lady Prays

Tracey Boakye and husband Frank Badu Ntiamoah
  • Tracey Boakye marries the love of her life Frank Badu Ntiamoah in lavish style

  • Social media goes frenzy over this huge marriage ceremony which was held in Kumasi, Tracey Boakye’s native city.

The mammoth wedding ceremony of actress Tracey Boakye and her newly found spouse, Frank Badu Ntiamoah is one of the biggest weddings that will go down for any celebrity in this calendar year.

The pearlescent colors and adornments are befitting of a boss chick who will answer to her nickname ‘Hisonlychick’ happily.

Tracey Boakye having being saddled with controversies with one key one, being having reportedly been a beneficiary of a rich man who bought her a house in East Legon, and went on to splash Cedis lavishly on her, one would think any man apart from this reported ‘Papano’ will be happy to tie down the knot in holy matrimony with her.

Tracey Boakye’s husband Frank Badu Ntiamoah is being praised for overriding all the controversies that surrounded his wife and has therefore taken the bold step to settle down with her forever.

This is how one lady praised Frank Badu Ntiamoah for loving now Tracey Badu Ntiamoah.

We need men like this man right here. Over all the rumors leveled against Tracey Boakye for the past years, he still chose to be. You can disagree with me but charley, it takes courage to come out and own what majority

Tracey Boakye and husband Frank Badu Ntiamoah