What I Wish Everyone Knew About How To Be Happy In Life

It is open secret money cannot purchase happiness. We though pretend with more money we would be happier.

We are trained from childhood to understand how to be happy in life might be achievable through having more money.

Can money really buy happiness?

We are trained to want more wealth (we know the wealthy are not happy either); we are conditioned to get the trending style or electronic appliance. Example, look at how lots of people throng the stores during the holidays to get gifts for their friends and family. We aspire to get more money then can we buy what we want and be happy in life.

But do these things really bring us happiness? True happiness cannot be bought. In spite of how fat our salaries are, how much is in our bank accounts. The mansions, clothing and cars we have acquired over the years, all of these cannot give us that happy life. Unfortunately, some will realize this later on in their lives.

Answer to how to be happy in life

What brings us happiness? By a stroke of luck, only 3 things can do that. You do not need even money to get these things. These essentials have been studied and proven by experts all over the world. From different countries, races, religions etc.

They have all came to conclusion on these that, they are keys to a happy life.

1. Good relationships

We have a human need to be sociable with other human beings. This is seen in trusted friendships, a good marriage and further, loving relationships with our household makes us much more likely to be happy.

Make time for the people who are very close to you. Express your thoughts to them. Listen to their advice and also give advice when needed. Allow this relationship to grow over the years.

2. Think Positively

That dream you have, it is possible to achieve it. I am a big supporter of mastery of positive thinking or faith as a great tool to achieve your dreams. Research shows it takes the same amount of energy to either believe or disbelieve. So why disbelieve? Think positively. See with your ‘mindset’ instead of your eyesight.

Happy people feel motivated, in charge of their lives, and have a clear outlook on life. Make positive thinking a part and parcel of your life. Get the losers or naysayers out of your life. Remove negativity from your life. Instead of “I don’t” think “I do”. It may sound like lying to yourself, but it has worked for me, severally.

3. Getting absorbed in work or hobby you are passionate about.

Have you been in that condition in which you found yourself completely concentrated on the work before you? You are so absorbed in your task that you lose track of time. Any work or hobby that gets you absorbed in it, and lose track of time results in happiness.

A lot of individuals get their greatest fulfilment not when they are inactively mindless, but when they are absorbed in a mindful challenge.

Get a job you are passionate about. With this, your job becomes second nature to you easily because you love it. Get leisure activities you are passionate about too. Turn off the radio— and get outside and your support favourite football team if football is something that truly engages you.