The Truth About Yaw Dabo Sighted Selling ‘Pure Water’ On The Streets

Yaw Dabo

Diminutive Kumawood actor Yaw Dabo has been spotted on the streets seriously selling sachet water which is popularly known as ‘pure water’ in his well-dressed attire.

Yaw Dabo who was well dressed for the occasion on the streets wore a striped navy blue suit, an inner white shirt and a colourful pink tie to complete his fashion style for the sale of the water on the busy streets.

In hot humid weather as we have in the country one would have thought Yaw Dabo would rather wear something light but to show how serious he is bent on selling the water he went to the extreme despite the hot weather.

Onlookers who had a rare opportunity to see the movie star were seen clamouring all over him as they took this one time opportunity to take photos of Yaw Dabo with their mobile phones.

Yaw Dabo

Yaw Dabo’s selling of the water wasn’t a scene from a movie being shot but being a brands ambassador for Ice Gold Mineral Water.


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