“When They Don’t Have Husbands They Decide To Look For Power To Abuse Men”- Kwame A Plus

Kwame A Plus, Gifty Anti and her husband
  • Kwame A Plus schools feminists on his firm beliefs

Call him names that you can grab out from the deep annals of your wardrobe but Kwame A Plus is holding on firmly to his deeply enshrined beliefs that a man is the head of the family, and this is non-negotiable.

Add on that he is old school or archaic in judgment, but Kwame A Plus is still not budging as he continues to educate feminists who he believes are treading a dangerous path, by influencing young women to have the thoughts that they are equal when it comes to their relationships with men.

This belief of Kwame A Plus which is not strange to Ghanaian culture has gotten him debating voraciously with celebrities like Yvonne Nelson in time previous on the United Showbiz aired on UTV.

He often cites accomplished media personality, Gifty Anti as an example of a former ‘feminist’ who bowed down from her old ways after she got married to a chief.

To enjoy peace in any relationship as a young woman in reference to Kwame A Plus’ standards, ladies must know their place and all will be well with them and their gentlemen.

If men don’t stop such people from lying to young ladies, in 20 years or less, men will be fighting for equal rights and the right to even exist. Many sexual abuse cases are fake. Just lies!! They just want to destroy men. Many women have become evil
When they don’t have husbands they decide to look for power to abuse men by forming some useless groups.
Feminist in Ghana are just lonely females who lack love because of their suban bɔne!! Fight them back!!
A man is a man; the head of the house and everything!! Real men love and respect women who understand that a man and a woman are not the same!!!

In what some women believe Kwame A Plus is pitting them against men some shared different opinions about the subject matter.