Where’s Your Wife – Kwaku Manu’s Alleged Divorce Topic Comes Back Again

Kwaku Manu
Kwaku Manu
  • Kwaku Manu takes family photos with his children

  • His concentration appears to be keenly on his daughter who appears to be his favourite.

  • His daughter, Vida Manu looks a little withdrawn from his other siblings as if she is being forced to take a photograph.

Kwaku Manu has posted photos of himself and his kids. A few weeks ago he was allegedly rumoured to have separated from the mother of his children.

The actor followed up with such rumours with a short video of himself on his social media handles crying bitterly in his bedroom with a claim that it isn’t anyone in this life that needs anyone’s help.

There might be truth in these allegations of his divorce in the latest photos that Kwaku Manu has shared since that incident.

Prominent among his latest photos excludes his allegedly divorced wife.

Kwaku Manu has been asked again on his timeline where the wife was by one fan godfirst413: “Where’s your wife?”