Who Do You Think The Gentleman To The Right Of Akrobeto Is?

Twene Jonas and Akrobeto

This photo of ace actor Akrobeto with these famous gentlemen looks quite different from their current appearances. This is a rare photo.

When one pays close attention to the gentleman to his right, his face doesn’t look any different from the infamous social media political activist Twene Jonas, whose home country now is the United States of America.

Who would have thought that Twene Jonas who often attacks the political leaders in the country had had an opportunity to take an epic photo with veteran Kumawood actor, Akrobeto some years ago?

Despite the mediocre performance of some of our leaders, it isn’t in the right sense for Twene Jonas to use social media to verbally abuse them. Recently Twene Jonas flaunted wads of hundred dollar bills. These dollar bills might probably be fake or prop money.