Why Do You Go To The Beach With This Dressing: Empress Gifty Gets Asked

Empress Gifty

Empress Gifty continues to get attacked over how she carries herself on social media.

The other day, eagle-eyed internet people attacked her over her beautiful dress.

A self-posted TikTok video of Empress Gifty enjoying her summer holidays on a beach in the faraway United States of America has seen the gospel musician innocently defamed.

Nobody wears a suit to the beach nor did she wear a bikini to the place for a lady of her class.

Empress Gifty wore long knee-level brown leggings that covered her lower torso appropriately for a visitation to the beach.

Her multi-colored top wasn’t that revealing for her to be shamed. She had this video of her captioned,

We are not hustling to impress or be in competition with anyone. We just want to change our storyline, and win battles our parents never won!

But a fan of hers wouldn’t have any of that. This fan quizzed Empress Gifty on her appearance on the beach.

Why do u go to the beach 🏖 with dis dressing

How would you answer this question posed to Empress Gifty by this person if you were in her shoes?