“Words Cannot Describe How Much You Mean To Me And My Family” – Abeiku Santana Speaks About Fadda Dickson

Abeiku Santana

Few bosses take to social media to celebrate their workers but Fadda Dickson has rewritten the scripts by celebrating Abeiku Santana on his special day.

In a short post on his timeline, Fadda Dickson has celebrated the Abeiku Santana going on to call him a gift from God.

Fadda Dickson’s message to Abeku Santana on his birthday read,

There came a gift from God called Life. Some chose to preserve it as a treasure, some chose to live in leisure, while the smarter ones chose to risk this treasure, and abandon this leisure to gain eternal pleasure.
Birthdays are nothing but milestones of what you have achieved in life. Your future is full of many more milestones, each marking a bigger achievement. Happy birthday

Fadda Dickson

Abeiku Santana’s message in reply to his boss read,

My mentor, My Inspiration , My Advisor @faddick

words cannot explain how much you mean to me and my family…

You have been a huge blessing to me and your impact on my life is so visible.
God bless you with more wisdom and great ideas

Thank you Daddy

From intents, Abeiku Santana has shown how much he is also fond of Fadda Dickson the Managing Director of Despite Group of Companies

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