Yaw Dabo Does The Sign Of The Cross On His Forehead As He Takes COVID Test

With the unending global prevalence of the pandemic, it is mandatory to take the COVID test before travelling to any foreign country so has Yaw Dabo done.

Yaw Dabo has shown to us how he is serious about his health in the latest video sighted of him. He had swabs of mucus taken off of his throat while seated. Before the medical attendant administered the swab to him,  Yaw Dabo prayed for luck by making sign of the cross on his forehead like how most Roman Catholics do.

Reactions to Yas Dabo’s COVID test

See deception at work!!! We will force them until they do the right thing

Eeeeeiiiii ghana everything we over do it boi3

This one is not painful, if the push it in your nose, you will understand Covid is not your mate…


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