“You Are Behaving Like Slay Queen”- Akrobeto Tells Gospel Musician Diana Asamoah

Diana Asamoah and Akrobeto aka Akwesi Boadi

Akrobeto has set his eyes on gospel songstress, Diana Asamoah in his award-winning funny but interesting program on United Television named Real News.

Real News has a section of the program called “video of the week”. There was a short video of Diana Asamoah that got shown in this section. In this video, the gospel musician was seen flaunting herself and making some unlikely sounds. It was the sound in this video that got Akrobeto advising her.

Akrobeto believed Diana Asamoah could have taken this video without adding any unnecessary sounds to it. He advised she should have kept mute when she did it but the addition of the sound made her appear like a s.lay queen. Akrobeto went on to say Diana Asamoah is way past her youthful days to behave like her youngsters.

A lot of people didn’t share the same opinion with Akrobeto. They believed he erred by saying this about Diana Asamoah.

Here are some of their reactions to this video.

sammyacquah30 Is it wrong for Diana Asamoah to have fun all by herself?

jumokelafenwa Uncle, I disagree with you on this. Allow her – she looked good

mavisakolor Ah this one pls, she has no right to love herself, be happy or have a great day or what.