Zari Hassan: Make them haters busy They don’t have anything else going on in their lives

Make them haters busy. They don’t have anything else going on in their lives, usually — hating is something you only have time for when you’re not creating. So they spend a LOT of time trying to think of (passive or passive-aggressive) ways to harm you. And they’ve likely damaged your relationships with others or your reputation in ways you don’t or can’t know. Subconsciously they deeply admire and respect you, so their attempts to bring you down will be riddled with self-sabotage and errors that actually end up being a boon to you. Like they will behave in exactly a way that over time makes clear to everyone their motives and that repressed admiration will mean they hand you success on a silver platter. They literally can’t help themselves. They hate you coz you are a threat, they hate themselves or want to be you.
What they fear they hate, what they hate they want to destroy… I keep my profile public so they can all have something to do… 🤗


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